What We Offer

The Newz Point (TNP) manages the retail marketing, distribution and merchandising of media products on behalf of local, regional and international clients within East Africa. These include magazines, journals, newspapers, music, video games, movies and books.

Controlled Free Distribution

We offer a Controlled Free Distribution Service (CFD) through our partner network where product owners and distributors of magazines and newspapers can gain access to a select audience in relevant environments.

The publications are made available and visible to a qualified audience with the purpose of exposing them to the specific product or publication. The exercise can also be conducted as part of promotional activity or a sampling exercise.

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Consolidation & Distribution

The Newz Point (TNP) consolidate and distribute magazines, newspapers, books, greetings-cards, retail products, gifts, CD’s and DVD’s. Our logistics service provides for clearing, collection and delivery, ensuring a 360° supply service.

Subscription Delivery

The Newz Point (TNP), through its appointed agents is able to provide a solution for the delivery of subscription copies via physical hand-delivery or insertion into the local postal system.

Physical hand-delivery is limited to capital cities and surroundings in each country. Our consolidated charge for hand-delivery and remailing includes airport handling and customs clearance, as well as all costs associated with insertion into the local postal system and last mile delivery.

Our Retail Partners